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Maintain silence, decorum and reverence at the Sanctum sanctorum.

· Practice humility at least in the holy atmosphere.
· Maintain absolute silence in the presence of the deity; make your prayers silently. In your enthusiasm to devour the beauty of the divine form in full, do not obstruct the view of those standing behind you. Do not yell out God's holy name too emotionally, as this could disturb other devotees who are silently praying to God.

Switch off your cell phone, or leave your cell phone in your vehicle.
A visit to the temple is essentially to get some peace and tranquility in you from your hectic and distracting daily schedules and chores

Dress conservatively

A visit to the temple is not same as a visit to the market or a theater.
Grown-ups are advised not to wear ‘shorts, bermudas.
- For Women should dress modestly when going to the temple. Wearing dresses like Saree or Salwar-Khamiz (or Churidar) or full pants.
- For men, the general dress code wearing a traditional ‘Dhoti' is desirable.
But even full pants/Pajamas are fine.

Do not gossip, talk aloud or indulge in fun and frolic inside temple.

The temple atmosphere must help you and others to elevate the minds from the mundane to the spiritual, at least during the brief period of stay there. Using the temple as a place for get-together to make fun or to gossip must be avoided.

Chant God's holy name, your mantra or hymns.
It is said that the holy atmosphere in the temple has the power to augment your spiritual efforts. Chanting God's holy name, repeating your mantra or reciting slokas (hymns) is highly recommended. But make sure that you do not do them loudly to show off or to impress or distract others. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahmsa says that our spiritual efforts must be secretive and never meant to show off to others

Keep the temple premises clean.
Never throw out plastic bags, paper waste, edibles and coconut shells around the temple premises. The practice of giving sanctified food (prasad) is for eating, do not throw it away.

Please do not waste any Prasaadam